Vet Relies on Ultrasound for First Step in Patient Care

Articles Tuesday, December 5, 2017

For veterinarian Dr. Kim Barclay, finding a medical issue with a patient before it becomes an emergency is the best thing about working in a clinic that focuses on preventive care of animals.

“I don’t think veterinary medicine is any different than human medicine in the sense that we care for our pets ….and if we’re starting to see something that’s different about them, then we will encourage them to follow through with a full diagnostic workup which includes blood work, x-rays, and ultrasound.”

The Clarius ultrasound device enables Dr. Barclay to conduct quick scans to better determine any necessary follow up.

“It’s not a full diagnostic ultrasound and that isn’t where we’re specialized, and that’s good because you know you can do further workup with a diagnostic ultra-sonographer and but this allows you the basic understanding of what’s going on.”