Using Clarius for Veterinary Ultrasound

Articles Friday, October 7, 2016

Clarius C7 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Veterinary ultrasound is an extremely helpful tool to examine the organs of a small animal and relative differences in tissue density between the organs.

Ultrasound images are created by sending sound pulses into the body and viewing the returning information (ultrasound pulses) as an image on a viewing apparatus. Typically, a separate transducer would send and receive the ultrasound pulses and the ultrasound unit would interpret the returning echoes and present them as a shade of gray on the ‘monitor’. The transducer, ultrasound machine and monitor are considered as three different parts of the Ultrasound system. These three entities are all attached and communicate with each other with wires and cables.

The Clarius Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanner breaks the rules by incorporating the ultrasound scanner directly into the transducer (sender of and receive of ultrasound pulses). The scanner uses your Android/iOS device as a display, and information from the Clarius scanner is transmitted wirelessly to the viewing device.

The Clarius Wireless Hand-Held Ultrasound Scanner is Point-and-Shoot Technology that is easy to use, compact, has no cables, and produces a beautiful image that rivals the ~$75K system against which it was benchmarked.

Ultrasound is an operator-dependent modality, and veterinary ultrasound poses a particular set of challenges:

Because of these factors, the required images have to be obtained in a timely fashion, so that the patient can be diagnosed quickly and effectively. The Clarius Wireless Hand-Held Ultrasound Scanner helps speed up the diagnostic process immensely and is a wonderful tool to have in your medical bag.