Smarter Ultrasound

Affordable and easy to learn and use, Clarius makes ultrasound more accessible for veterinarians. Clarius Scanners produce high-resolution ultrasound images and transmits them wirelessly to most iOS or Android devices. Users can store, manage and share the images for professional review on the Clarius Cloud. Clarius Scanners will be DICOM compliant so you can transfer exams to telemedicine services.

Point and Shoot Imaging


With automated settings and imaging tools, Clarius is designed to be almost as intuitive as using the camera on your smart phone. It’s easy to learn and use for any veterinarian with basic ultrasound scanning skills.


Excellent cardiac imaging

The Clarius C7 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner is designed for quick scans of most parts of small and medium animals, including the heart. The Scanner has a built-in virtual phased array mode. Simply select the cardiac option to image the heart at high frame rates.

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Detailed superficial imaging

The Clarius L7 is perfect for superficial imaging and biopsies of masses, lumps, abscesses and bumps. It’s also useful for musculoskeletal imaging before, after and during rehabilitation.

Full metal jacket

We’ve built Clarius to withstand busy clinics and other unpredictable environments. It’s encased in a magnesium shell that can be completely immersed in liquid for cleaning and sterilization. And since it’s wireless, there are no cables to manage.

It’s rechargeable

Clarius gets its power from a rechargeable battery that will last for more than 45 minutes in active scanning and up to 7 days idle. You’ll get two batteries with each Clarius scanner.

Made in Canada

Every Clarius scanner is built at our facility near Vancouver, Canada using advanced high-volume manufacturing processes and stringent quality standards. Each transducer is meticulously crafted by our team using high quality materials. Controlling the entire manufacturing process allows us to ensure optimum quality control, every step of the way.

No wires!

Clarius uses WIFI Direct to connect to its app on the device (or devices) you choose for imaging. Once you download the app, Clarius does not require Internet access to operate.

iOS or Android? You choose

Clarius operates with most iOS or Android smart devices. Simply download the free Clarius App and you can start scanning with the touch of a button. Clarius can image on multiple devices simultaneously.