Save. Share. Review.

Clarius Cloud

Cloud Based

Clarius Cloud is a secure, web-based portal that allows you to save, review, manage and share images acquired with your Clarius Scanner(s). With your password, you can access your Clarius Cloud from anywhere with an Internet connection.


You can rest assured your patient's data is safe in the cloud thanks to 128bit secure SSL encryption and HIPPA compliant protocols. You must have specific rights and a password to access images on your Clarius Cloud.  


Each Clarius Scanner is associated with a Clarius Cloud account. Rights to use the Scanner is assigned by the Cloud administrator, which could be you or someone else if you're part of a larger institution. As an authorized user, you can manage your patient's images on the Clarius Cloud.

Review and share you images on any device, from anywhere with a secure connection


There's no charge for 2 GB of storage for your Clarius Ultrasound images and clips on the Clarius Cloud

Once you scan a patient, the images will be temporarily saved on your smart device. Images will be saved automatically to the Secure Cloud as soon as you connect to the Internet.


Clarius C3

Multipurpose Ultrasound Scanner

Clarius L7

Linear Ultrasound Scanner