Other Uses for the Clarius C7 Scanner

Articles Friday, October 7, 2016

Scanning a large dog with Clarius


The Clarius Wireless Hand-Held Ultrasound Scanner can be used for a variety of purposes in a veterinary practice.

For one, it can be used as a spot check. When an animal presents with a limp or irregular ambulation, its gait is analyzed. After a series of specific X-rays, the offending joint can then be looked at with ultrasound. Fluid pockets, ligaments, tendons, muscles (muscular tears) and boney surfaces can be studied in ways that X-rays do not allow. And while MRI can be a wonderful tool for orthopedics, it is expensive and it cannot show real time motion. The Clarius scanner, on the other hand, can be placed directly onto the joint, at many angles to the injury. The Scanner will allow a frame by frame study of the range of motion of the articular surface.

Post operatively, the Clarius Ultrasound Scanner aid evaluation of the healing process. Watch the fluid collection decrease, watch the muscle get stronger and look at the state of the repair directly. Screws and plates are visible on ultrasound and the effect these have on the natural tissue, tendons and bones can be followed weekly, or more often, with direction from the veterinarian.

The Clarius Scanner is also a good way to look at superficial masses. A superficial mass can be anything from a lipoma or simple cyst to an abscess or potential neoplasia. With ultrasound, the veterinarian can quickly determine if the mass is of cystic, solid or mixed echogenicity. This allows him to know how much tissue component is affiliated with the mass. Of course, proper follow up is very important to provide the best care.

Ultrasound guidance adds accuracy to invasive procedures. Line up the target tissue, or region of interest (ROI), with the area under the Clarius Scanner. Watch the needle enter the field of view and see the needle as it reaches the ROI. Using this technique, the veterinarian can perform organ/tissue biopsies or drainage procedures, abscess sample, fluid around a joint, thorocentesis, paracentesis.