Wireless Ultrasound for Veterinarians

Affordable and easy to learn and use, Clarius makes ultrasound more accessible for veterinarians.

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Wireless freedom

Clarius uses WIFI Direct to connect to its App on the smart device (or devices) you choose for imaging. Clarius doesn’t require Internet Access to Operate.

How to scan with Clarius Wireless Ultrasound (2:51)

We take you through the basics of the veterinary FAST exam with the Clarius Wireless Handheld C7 Vet Ultrasound Scanner.

Save, Store, Share & Manage Images Easily

Clarius users can store, manage and share images for professional review on the Clarius Cloud.  Clarius Scanners will also be DICOM compliant to transfer exams to telemedicine services.


Point and Shoot Imaging

With automated settings and imaging tools, Clarius is designed to be almost as intuitive as using the camera on your smart phone. It’s easy to learn and use for any veterinarian with basic ultrasound scanning skills.

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